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Dockerize Your GatsbyJS Workflow with GatsD

19 October, 2018 — Read time: 7 Min. — Category: Full-Stack
I have previously written about why you want to develop your websites with GatsbyJS . Today, I'm going to let you know why you want to do your local development in a containerized environment such as Docker , and then give you an example using Gatsby and GatsD . (Note: I created the GatsD…

Managing a Static Site with GatsbyJS

09 October, 2018 — Read time: 5 Min. — Category: Front-End
This is the first of several blog posts derived from my experience building a portfolio site . This post is a basic overview of the site stack - intended to provide context for the tutorial series. I had a lot of fun building this website. By good fortune, I avoided the myriad hells developers…

Welcome to My Dev Blog

02 October, 2018 — Read time: 1 Min. — Category: General
Welcome, This blog will (hopefully) cover a lot of ground before running out of steam. I plan to focus on machine learning, data engineering and data science, but expect a liberal smattering of other topics. What other topics? Well, ask again next year. Purpose The same as every other technical blog…