About Isaac Burbank

Hi there, I'm Isaac Burbank. I'm an American engineer and entrepreneur.

This website is the home of my software engineering work.

A Little Background

I graduated in 2012 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. That final summer I worked with a few friends to file and sell a power management system patent. Following the sale, I took a position as a Systems Engineer for Shimmick Construction on a Skanska/Shimmick/Herzog Joint-Venture (SSH) project.

At SSH I was fortunate enough to be named lead system engineer on the $896M San Francisco Bay Area (BART) extension to San Jose, CA. I spent two years working on design/consrtuction of the train control, power and communications systems.

I eventually transitioned to leading the software engineering effort at RoofCo. We made a bet that we could move faster than our competitors, with lower overhead, by embracing modern software-centric workflows. We were generating over $1M in annual revenue within a year. In two years, we were operating in CO, GA and TX.

Through all these years I've maintained a habit of using my off-hours to strengthen competencies in math and engineering. I've taken full advantage of old textbooks and free content from organizations such as MIT, Stanford and Google; gained deeper competency in statistics and linear algebra; completed intro, bootcamp and mini-masters programs in machine learning; and contributed to open-source projects such as Tensorflow and Kubeflow.

These Days

I currently spend my days working on general software engineering and data science problems, and my evenings working on machine learning projects. My current stack generally includes python/Tensorflow/Docker/Kubernetes/Kubeflow. You can follow my open-source work on github.

Every step on this journey has been personally and professionally enriching. I can't wait to see what comes next.


I'm always open to an opportunity to tackle a difficult problem. Working with open-source projects is an added bonus. If you have a question, or a project you would like to collaborate on, please feel free to drop me a line!

Email: burbank.isaac@gmail.com