About Isaac Burbank

Hi there, I'm Isaac Burbank. I'm an American engineer, entrepreneur and aspiring blogger.

This website is the home of my software engineering work.

A Little Background

My path has been far from linear. I ran out of money after my first two years in college and left to find a way to finance the rest. I worked a few jobs and eventually started my first contracting company. It took three years to save enough to re-enroll. I graduated after two more years with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.

After graduating, I worked with a few friends to file patents [1] [2] on a power management system and created a holding company to manage the rights. We negotiated a sale of the patent rights and I moved on to a position as System Engineer at Skanska/Shimmick/Herzog Joint-Venture (SSH).

At SSH I was fortunate enough to be the lead system engineer on the $800M San Francisco Bay Area (BART) extension to San Jose, CA. I spent two years working on design/consrtuction of the power, train control and communnications systems. It was incredible an incredible expreience.

I moved from SSH to cofounding the contracting company RoofCo. We made a bet that we could move faster than our competitors, with lover overhead, by embracing the 'Every company is a technology company' ethos. Within a year, we generated annual revenues over $1M. In two years, we had expanded operations to CO, GA and TX. As our company's CTO/sole-software-engineer, I spent increasing time developing and maintaining the tech infrastructure for the company - and I increasingly loved doing it.

In the summer of 2016 I decided to start laying the groundwork for an eventual full-time shift to software engineering. I was, and still am, particularly insterested in Machine Learning Engineering. I applied to a MS program as a local university, but after seeing the final cost - I decided to save myself a few tens-of-thousands of dollars and curate my own masters program.

Going Forward

I've been at it, nearly uninturrupted, since that day in 2016. I've taken full advantage of the free content from organizations such as MIT, Stanford and Google. Brushed up on my statistics and linear algebra. Completed intro, bootcamp and mini-masters programs in machine learning. And have jumped into projects using Tensorflow served with Docker and Kubernetes.

I love every opportunity to solve useful problems and learn new technologies. And I love working with open source dev community. If you have a question or project you would like to collaborate on, please feel free to drop me a line!


E-Mail: contact@isaacburbank.com